Blip In Time by Fire

Please excuse the lack and lag of my blog.  There was a fire in my studio space in mid December and it set me back a bit.  After the shock and assessing the losses, I just took in the winter and did nothing in regards to my art.  I don't want to sit and make excuses and wallow in self pity...that is not my point.  Fire is said to be purifying.  There is something to be said for that.  I was so filled with gratitude that no one was hurt and our house and garage did not catch.  My studio still stands and you would not even be able to tell from the outside because I caught it in time.  Everything inside is blackened with smoke and mostly destroyed and I lost one of my favorite antique chairs that started on has been with me for sooooooo many years.  But you realize a very big thing...It's just's material.  It brings to light what really matters and that is my family, the people and animals and friends and neighbors that fill my life with love and support.  I did get angry and I did feel grief and that was part of my process as I sat back and took it all in.  Anger and sadness give way to love and new beginnings.  So it is with this that I have picked up the clay again and the other beautiful things I create with.  It feels so good, so right.  Next week I will add photos to my gallery.  Thanks for visiting!