A lot of Fall...

These and many other pieces will be with me at the St. Louis Park Art Fair tomorrow, Saturday, September 14th from 10-5. Hope to see you there! Look for the Bliss Art Studio sign.

Watch for my gallery update towards the end of September.

IMG_6244 2.JPG

Summer Inspired

I had fun making some new art with a summer theme in preparation for the Minnehaha Falls Art Fair…which ended up getting rained out….leaving me with some fun new art ready for another summer sale. New photos will be posted in gallery soon. But here is one of my favorites! :

IMG_5988 2.JPG

And Now It's Summer...Yay!

So busy I have not been able to tend to blog. But I’m back in the swing. Enjoy these summer days! I post more frequently on my instagram: @blissartsudiomn


Yay the snow is almost gone!

Ready for the spring temps and to see some green grass and first flowers and herbs poking through the gray and brown of leftover winter melt. I have been making lots of flowers and using botanicals to imprint my clay these last couple months. I guess I just needed to see forward.


Eye Candy!

Don’t forget…these WILL grow again…soon! Sending out warm thoughts…


Winter Cold...Warm it Up

It’s so easy to be inside when it’s cold outside. The air bites my face and my hands. Everything else is bundled. It seems as if the one thing I want to do is stay inside. May be a metaphor. Or an opening, a welcome, to actually do just that. Inside my house, inside myself. I feel less open. I feel more like sleeping…a lot. Naps are good and come easily. I still function and do many things but am more focused on the internal…staying warm and feeling cozy. Sending warm winter vibes…


Art Pop Up Sale at Steel Toe Brewery

Stop by and say hi on Thursday, December 6th from 5:00-9:00 p.m. at the Steel Toe Brewery in St. Louis Park. I will be selling some holiday/winter items along with about 10 other artists of various mediums. It should be a fun night! Look for the lit up Bliss Art Studio sign.


Watch for updated gallery

Next week I will update my gallery to showcase my new art pieces with the autumn scene. Summer is certainly a pleasure but I am welcoming the fall weather and looking forward to the beauty that surrounds it.


Autumn Equinox

What a beautiful way to bring in autumn. Art Fair in St. Louis Park MN!


Art Fair...Come and see me!

I will have a table at the St. Louis Park Art Fair on Saturday, September 22nd! Please stop by table #11. I would love to see you.

Also, I will be updating my gallery next week with photos of some of my new pieces. Look for update.


Patio Time!

An outdoor room, a fortress, an oasis.  We live in the city, have a small yard, but have created a space that transports me to a natural refuge. it sits next to the garden beds.  Sometimes we eat our dinner there, entertain or just sit and do nothing but have a cold drink of choice and watch the birds, butterflies and bees eating the seeds and drinking the nectar.  Loving summer!


Soon we will see tulips!

Winter in Minnesota does not want to end.  We are cold and the snow keeps falling.  Just remember, spring will come.  I keep trying to see the beauty in the snow.  Forever an optimist.  Here is some eye candy :) !



Hibernate, Just Do It!

When it gets so cold, and the temperature dips well below zero for several days in a row, I understand the animal instinct to hibernate.  While I can't shut down my body temperature for an extended winter snooze, I can stay within my warm and cozy house for an extended time with my slippers on, surrounded by magazines, books and warm (or warming) drinks...could be tea, could be aquavit.  I love winter and have all the outdoor apparel I need to stay warm, even in below zero weather.  I love to snowshoe and I don't even mind shoveling snow.  Even so, many days of frigid temperatures make me channel my inner bear :)


Been Gone So Long

Sometimes life takes unexpected twists and turns.  The past 6 months has been such for me.  I had not created art or had my hands in clay or kept my blog updated.  Though it may sound boring, I took pleasure in the mundane aspects of everyday life. It's not that I was empty.  I filled it up with different things.  I took great pleasure in working on an herb farm (Red Clover Herb Farm) and realized I have some dormant passion that lies in plants and nature that needed some tending.  My hands in the dirt felt good, like my hands in clay.  I followed the twists and turns where they led making sure I chose only the things that felt good and made my heart sing. 

Sometimes the creative spirit needs a little rest, some time out.  There were times when I wondered where it went and if it was coming back...this part of myself that seemed to be burned along with my studio fire (see "Blip in Time post)...or at least dimmed.  But you cannot force the muse.  At least I can't.  And I don't want to.  Authenticity is really important to me.  I am happy to say, my desire to make art is coming back to me.  In a different way than when it left but I am excited to see what it brings.  My hands are back in the clay!


Vibe High!

Yayyyyyyyy!!!!!  Beautiful weather.  The grass is bright green.  The buds on the trees are ready to burst.  My garden is clean and full of fresh organic dirt, ready to plant.  The birdsong is full of voices I have not heard all winter.  Mostly, I am pretty sure we are done with the snow and freezing cold temps.  I am ready for spring!  Bring it!

Blip In Time by Fire

Please excuse the lack and lag of my blog.  There was a fire in my studio space in mid December and it set me back a bit.  After the shock and assessing the losses, I just took in the winter and did nothing in regards to my art.  I don't want to sit and make excuses and wallow in self pity...that is not my point.  Fire is said to be purifying.  There is something to be said for that.  I was so filled with gratitude that no one was hurt and our house and garage did not catch.  My studio still stands and you would not even be able to tell from the outside because I caught it in time.  Everything inside is blackened with smoke and mostly destroyed and I lost one of my favorite antique chairs that started on fire...it has been with me for sooooooo many years.  But you realize a very big thing...It's just stuff...it's material.  It brings to light what really matters and that is my family, the people and animals and friends and neighbors that fill my life with love and support.  I did get angry and I did feel grief and that was part of my process as I sat back and took it all in.  Anger and sadness give way to love and new beginnings.  So it is with this that I have picked up the clay again and the other beautiful things I create with.  It feels so good, so right.  Next week I will add photos to my gallery.  Thanks for visiting!


There are so many things to be thankful for.  Maybe it is to look to the simple pleasures where we find beauty, peace and comfort.  I will be spending time indoors and outdoors, hiking and taking in the grand beauty of the North Shores of Lake Superior...all the while counting my many blessings...blissings!  Wishing you all a blissed Thanksgiving.  

Photo credit goes to my friend Rose who also created this beautiful montage.