ABOUT ME                                   

Shelli is my name.  Nature is my muse.  Creating art is my bliss.  Each piece from my studio is created on the potter's wheel or is hand built or hand cut.  The pieces then move through the process of applying a unique combination of glazes, creating beautiful, organic objects.  Many of my pieces are combined with driftwood, birchbark and stone, foraged in the Minnesota wilderness, making everything from Bliss Art Studio truly one of a kind.

My blog, art in another form, combines my love of photography with writing.  The changing of seasons is often the backdrop to what I am working on at Bliss.  If you haven't already, please visit my blog and my gallery page which hosts items from my studio.

Custom orders will take time but are always worth the wait. You can expect 2-5 weeks between order and delivery dates...all dependent on items and quantity.  Some gallery items are available for immediate purchase but this is always changing so please inquire.

With your thoughts, ideas, requests, please contact me (Shelli) at blissartmn@gmail.com and/or

follow me on instagram @blissartstudiomn

It would be so lovely to hear from you.