Happy Halloween!

Have a great celebration whatever you do.  This is a perfect Halloween Day.  Cloudy and windy with beautiful fall colored leaves swirling and floating to the ground.  Our lawn is a carpet of reds and golds despite having raked yesterday.

Also, it is my son, Riley's, birthday today.  He was born on Halloween, 2 weeks early from my due date, so he was my trick and my treat!  Happy Birthday Riley!



Autumn Blaze

This is our autumn blaze maple at it's peak!  I love this season.  Time to put cinnamon in my coffee, pull out the warm clothes and blankets, go for glorious walks in company with the most amazing colors.  I love the way the leaves sound as they fall from the trees when the wind blows; the way they sound underfoot, and the way they smell as they carpet the ground, protecting the living earth from the deep winter frost that is sure to come.  My gallery will be updated next week with new autumn art.  Come back and visit.  Stay cozy. 

Summer's EndI

Usually the end of summer is bittersweet for me.  The kids go back to school, there seems to be less freedom with everyone's schedules and the carefree summer vibe slowly recedes.  Fortunately it is followed by autumn, a beautiful season here in Minnesota.  I am ready for a wardrobe change as the weather starts to cool down and it feels good to put on a sweatshirt and a great pair of boots.  In my garden, the harvest is bountiful.  I have so many tomatoes and so much kale that I need to get creative with my cooking and preserving techniques.  I even got a few delicata squash...a sure sign of autumn.  I have been buying local, non GMO, organic corn and blanching it, cutting it off the cob and freezing it.  It is a tedious task but is well worth it when we can have fresh corn in as a side,  in chowder,  or corn fritters,  in the cold winter months.

I have updated my Gallery to accommodate the season!  Check it out.


A Summer Storm

Personally, I love a good storm.  I was fortunate to be holed up in a cozy cabin overlooking Lake Superior, windows wide open, wrapped in a blanket, to witness this one.  The wind was strong, there was thunder in the sky and thunder on the earth from the waves crashing against the rocks.    Sometimes I had my face in a good book but often i just sat and stared out the window while the wind blew all around me.  That is the beauty of a summer storm.

Bee Balm

This is such a beautiful flower and oh so good for the bees.  Also known as Monarda, Bee Balm is a perennial that flowers for a very long time in the summer months.  Nectar for the bees and beauty for the eyes!  It's all good.

Happy Summer!

Sending love out to a troubled world...